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Starmaker Records (Established 1968)
capitalizes on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high-quality entertainment. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada the company has become highly profitable through the sale of pre-recorded music product [Compact Discs / DVD, Internet Music Downloads, add other media here, and also revenues generated from additional profit centers. Starmaker Records will own and control the masters (master copies), copyrights and licenses of its product, which will enable Starmaker Records  to create revenue streams while growing its music catalog into a multi-million dollar empire


Starmaker Records has formed an experienced, award-winning management team. As artists, producers and executives, projects produced by these individuals have topped Billboards Charts, or Internet Charts] earned nominations for Black Gospel & Reggae Music Awards. The years of experience maintained in both the business and creative sides of record company operations will enable Starmaker Records to generate profitable revenue immediately.

Starmaker Records maintains strong affiliations in the music industry through relationships with industry legends such as Select-O-Hits  and has been offered international distribution with Island DEF Jams Music Group/ Distribution Company ] (a distribution arm of ...). This provides Starmaker Records] the opportunity to generate revenue from the world's largest music markets.

Starmaker Records] will distinguish itself from other independent record companies through its marketing and promotional plan. Intense, calculated and relentless promotional campaigns will enable Starmaker Records] to earn massive revenues through the growing popularity of [ digital downloads,]  as well as, [ traditional full-length CD albums Starmaker Records] will utilize the success of its pre-recorded music to develop profit centers in independent distribution, merchandise and concert promotion

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